User Guide | ICEA-LION TravelInsurance user guide

Select the appropriate number of adults and children travelling, while filling in their respective birth dates. Also pick a reason for travel from the options present. The page takes into account your travel dates, where you are travelling to and your destination. Once filled, CLICK CONTINUE.

ICEA Lion Group offers a myriad of Rate plans that are categorized as either standard rates or annual plan rates.
1. Annual plan Rates: refers to where many individuals/ families are now taking several trips in a year instead of the single annual vacation. As such, purchasing a single annual trip policy can work out more cheaply when travelling upwards of two to three times within a year.
2. Standard rates: offers you a chance to select the type of insurance plan you would like to use for your current travelling time. It includes the following plans; 1. Basic Plan: plan offers the most basic of covers during your travel.
2. Comfort Plan: offers more than the basic cover, but less benefit than the elite plan with lesser premiums than elite and higher premiums to basic.
3. Elite Plan: covers the higher travel client with higher premiums and higher benefits.
4. Platinum plan: a high premium travel cover that has higher benefits and premiums than the basic plan.
5. Student plan: this plan offers travelling students a chance to be covered during their trips.

On this page you are encouraged to select the most appropriate Rate plan for your cover during the time you are travelling. The other fields; Trip Time, Period, Age, Basic Premium, Total Amount with levy and total amount payable are AUTOFILLED from your prior selection and the details filled from the previous page.

As the primary traveler, more details are required to be able to create the policy cover. This level is dedicated to getting this information from you. Kindly fill ALL the fields with the requested details. In the case of other members travelling with you, fill their details on the row that comes below your details and once through click on the ADD/POSITIVE/PLUS icon that shows at the end of the row. When all details are properly filled and completed, CLICK CONTINUE BUTTON.

Create your account that will be used to bill you, and is also where you gain access to your travel insurance certificate, letter to the embassy and policy documents. You can only use the login tab if you already had created an account. When finished CLICK CONTINUE.

Confirm that the details reflecting are the ones you entered and that the premiums and amounts reflect what was showing from the plan rates. Once sure CLICK SUBMIT
If successful, a pop up appears to show that the ‘Insurance Submitted successfully. Please make payment to complete the process.’ CLICK OK
Else go back on the page and confirm there are no errors on the form submitted.

On successful submission an invoice page is opened automatically that gives a unique invoice number, while highlighting the bill details and the amounts to be paid. The amount given is payable via the Jambopay Icon on the bottom right immediately after the Total.

Here the page gives the Order ID: (Invoice Number), Item Name (Insurer who at this point is ICEA Lion), Amount: premium amount. THESE ARE ALREADY PRE-FILLED FROM THE SYTEM. One is required to choose their preferred payment method which can range from Credit Cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard) to Mobile money payments (e.g. Mpesa, Airtel money).

STEP 8 and STEP 9:
These steps are reliant and concurrent to the selected payment option and the client is asked to be careful in following the directions provided for by their payment option to avoid making payment errors. When done, CLICK SUBMIT PAYMENT This generates a pop up to indicate the transaction will be carried over another connection to reach the designated Payment Server. CLICK CONTINUE.

STEP 10:
Go to My Account and select My Insurance. This will give you access to the documents for your travel insurance.

SELECT Service desk tab;
SELECT My Insurance: this then gives you the option to view unpaid and paid for insurance (Insurance).
CLICK on the row that has your segment details. This gives a window that allows you access to your Insurance Certificate, Policy Document and Letter to Embassy for the country you are visiting.

STEP 11:
Choosing the certificate and letter to embassy gives you the documents as would be given by the Insurance Agency. Here you can also Export/ download the documents to pdf, from which you can attach and send also via e-mail. In the case of the policy document, The Document carries a lot of pages and as such couldn’t be displayed on the web page but offers the opportunity to download it by clicking on the link provided in its page.